H.Rathnakar Shetty started his law pratice in the year 1989.

He is known for his services in Civil Cases, Criminal Cases, Revenue Cases, Motor Vehicle and Matrimonial Cases

Practice Areas

Civil Cases

Civil cases involve conflicts between people or institutions such as businesses, typically over money. Money recovery suits, Partition suits, Suit for injunction, motor vehicle claims, Declaration suits.

Criminal Cases

In criminal cases, the government prosecutes individuals for violating those laws. All types of criminal cases, proceedings u/s 138 of NI Act., Private Complaint u/s 200 of Cr.P.C. Anticipatory Bails, Regular Bails, Criminal Trails.

Revenue Cases

It includes all types of revenue matters before District Courts, AC and Tahasildar Courts.

Motor Vehicle

It provides detailed provision on licensing of the drivers and conductors, registration of motor vehicles, the provision on controlling their permits, traffic regulation, related insurance, liabilities, and penalties.

Matrimonial Cases

The matrimonial laws in India, including laws on marriage, divorce and other connected issues, are essentially governed by the personal laws of the parties depending on their religion